Local History Fair at Mansfield Library, May 8th 2016

Notts Local History Exhibition May 2016 - 09

Gringley History Club attended and exhibited at the Great Nottinghamshire Local History Fair at Mansfield Library from 11am to 3pm on Sunday 8th May.  Participation was free to the club. There were about 40 exhibitors covering local history, family history, social and industrial history, second hand historical book and journal sales etc. Attendance was steady throughout the event. Both Retford and Worksop Historical associations exhibited but the rest were mainly from further south in the county. It was soon apparent that our exhibition boards demanded a map to answer the question:

 "And just where is Gringley?…."

Very few conversations of direct interest with vistors to the exhibition were held. That hoped-for mythical ex-resident with scores of old photos and reminiscences just did not show up. 

However, useful contacts were established with the following other exhibitors:

Nottinghamshire Local History Association

Trent & Peak Archaeology

Chesterfield Canal Trust

Laxton History Group

Lumley History Club

Nottingham Women's History Group

The Thoroton Society

Oh - and Robin Hood popped by.