The Warm Side of the Cold War - Vulcan Talk by Adrian Sumner - 18 January 2018

On a cold evening the History Club was delighted to welcome over 60 people to the Church to listen to a talk on “Flying the Vulcan” during the Cold War era. Retired Wing Commander Adrian Sumner from Retford was an entertaining speaker, with a substantial selection of projected pictures, which told the story of his dozen or so years, travelling all over (and around) the world with a series of Vulcans on behalf of the RAF. 

History Club Adrian Sumner Vulcan Talk Jan 2018 - 7

Gringley Church (Adrian Sumner Talk)

This once substantial fleet of V bombers is of course no longer active or in existence, but by strange coincidence the front half of the aircraft at Doncaster Air Museum, as well as the complete aeroplane at RAF Cosford, were units that Adrian had actually flown. He had a wealth of interesting stories about the aircraft and its missions. His talk was interspersed with some historic movie clips of the aircraft in flight. He concluded with a summary of the moving ceremony when along with the RAF top brass he handed over a Vulcan aircraft to a museum near Omaha, Nebraska in the USA in 1982.

History Club Adrian Sumner Vulcan Talk Jan 2018 - 1

Gringley Church (Adrian Sumner Talk)